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Training and Development in IMS


About IMS

Our Investment Manager Services (IMS) business unit serves all types of investment managers around the world with advanced technologies, fast, accurate processing, and deep industry knowledge.

Ongoing employee training and development

Our IMS unit invests in new graduates.
When you begin your career in IMS, you have lots of opportunities to grow your professional and personal knowledge, both on the job and in the classroom. 
The IMS Training Team offers over 50 different technical training classes designed to help you transition into your role and grow in your career. These classes focus on the theory of investments - like equity, fixed income and derivatives - and the different products and funds we support. It also includes hands-on training in the systems we utilize. Because everyone learns differently, we employ both online and in-classroom training to support our employees. 
Ongoing learning 
The training doesn't stop after your first few months. The technical training is built around role and tenure, so as you continue to grow, there is always training available to learn more about investments, the industry and our clients. 
In addition to the technical and theory classes, we also provide professional and personal development classes. These are available throughout each stage of your career — from entry-level through management — and are targeted to the role and tenure of our employees. 
Beyond the classroom
We also offer customized programs that include mentoring and job rotations to support the career development of our employees, help create opportunities, broaden perspectives and increase understanding of our business and our teams. 
Students and Entry Level If you’re a student, a recent grad or about to graduate, get started on your career path with learning programs and growth opportunities.
Associate Pitch Day During this innovation challenge, new associates showcase their skills and vision for the future for our executive team.

SEI is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer.