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Associate Pitch Project


Every employee can evoke change 

Each class of employees enrolled in our Associates Program are given a big challenge: Develop innovative ideas to improve some aspect of our business, and present them in an open forum to a panel of judges on Associate Pitch Day.

The challenge allows them to stretch their intellectual muscles, develop their skills and connect with people in different business units.

Associates have tackled topics such as breaking into emerging markets, implementing green initiative and increasing cross-business-unit networking.

We asked our recent Associate Pitch winners to talk about their experience. 

Q: What was your role?

Andrew Chirichella, Investment Manager Services
My role was to focus on financial modeling during the presentation. I also helped the team develop ideas about where it could go in the long term. 
Michelle Walsh, ​​​​​​​SEI Wealth PlatformSM
My role in the team was to develop market research as it related to the idea and dig deeper into how our idea fit in the industry. It gave me more knowledge about big data and allowed me to think outside the box.
Irene Lau, SEI Wealth PlatformSM
As the software developer on the project, I developed the proof of concept. Four clients agreed to partner with us, so we used their data in a pilot study to develop artificial intelligence models to predict account closures for each client. I experimented with several types of models and inputs on the data sets. And I presented the artifical intelligence modeling process and the results of the chosen model during our presentation. ​​​​​
Megan McGurk, Private Banking
I was in charge of doing competitive analysis for our solution, which was set to be the first of its kind. I ran two different competitive analyses: I first looked at top CRM systems to gather information for the relationship management portion of our solution. I aslo researched companies that specialize in using big data to find solutions. 

Q: How did your team idea get implemented after Pitch Day?

Brad Line, SEI Wealth PlatformSM
Since Pitch Day, my team has partnered with four clients in a pilot study to create predictive models using their proprietary data as proof of concept. My team presented the results of the study to each client and provided each with a list of accounts that our model identified as at risk of closing. In addition, we have been meeting and communicating with the Private Banking Solutions and Relationship Management teasm on a regular basis. We have drafted several different business proposals to outline the financial and strategic opportunities of this proposal. 
Our largest pilot client wants to continue to engage with us on this project. They have asked to partner with our innovation team to further develop and explore productionizing this solution. 
Michelle Walsh, SEI Wealth PlatformSM
We brought this idea to key stakeholders at SEI, which gave it the potential to become reality - and allowed us to have visibility in the company. There's been a lot of interest in making our idea into a true project and we continue to meet with key stakeholders and clients to refine and build out the project.
Irene Lau, SEI Wealth PlatformSM
Since the pitch day, we have been presenting the results to our partnered clients. With a list of accounts at risk of closing, the clients may now take action to retain those accounts and thus retain the revenue. The clients have been very receptive and excited about the opportunites for more use cases of artificial intelligence in the industry.
Megan McGurk, Private Banking
Through my analyses, we were able to identify where our solutions would beat the competitors. However, it also exposed some parts of our solutions that could use improvment. We were able to piece together potential enhancements to our idea.
Andrew Chirichella, Investment Manager Services
Since pitch day, we've presented to upper management and begun to transition our idea to a potential new service SEI can offer its clients.
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