Hear from a graduate of our Associates Program.

Keli Lubiejewski shares her experiences in the program.
How did you learn about the SEI Associates Program?
I learned about the Associates Program through my experience in the Internship Program during summer 2021.
What parts of the program provided unique experiences or opportunities for you at SEI?
Being involved in a strategic project is a very unique experience provided by the Associates Program. This project allowed me to be directly involved in work outside of my own unit and work with others who are not on my team, working with daily. Unlike taking time to speak to someone and hear about what they do in their roll, this project pushed me to get involved in their work and meet with others involved in the project.
How did you balance your “day job” and your additional responsibilities as an associate?
I was able to balance my responsibilities by staying organized and treating the Associates Program as a project within my “day job.” The program allows individuals to join another team for scheduled weekly meetings and group work, through assignments such as the strategic project, and through independent work, such as coffee chats. Keeping a list of tasks that need to be completed both in my “day job” and the Associates Program helps assure that I am prepared in all aspects.
What was the best part of your experience in the Associates Program?
The best part of the Associates Program was the opportunity to spend time with those in my class during weekly events both inside and outside of work hours. Attending events such as weekly meetings, trivia, and social events, created a fun environment which encouraged our class to get to know each other on a deeper level. Being able to make friends going through the same experience was very helpful, as the transition from college to the office can be difficult while day to day life changes.
What advice would you give someone applying for the Associates Program?
It is okay if you do not understand exactly what beginning your career entails! Many aspects of work are learned by observing those with experience, asking for advice, and getting involved in your work community. Many people at SEI are willing to help you when you begin and do not expect you to know how to do your job from day one. This is a learning experience and you will be shocked by how fast you pick it up!
How did this program help you grow professionally?
This program gave me the opportunity to speak to many people outside of my business area, which increased my knowledge of SEI as a whole and helped me develop professional skills. Having a grasp on what SEI does was beneficial when I began hearing news and project updates from other units as I was able to understand how they affected me and my work. Speaking to many different people through coffee chats, which are encouraged through the Associate Program, also helped to learn about office culture and etiquette which could be difficult to learn without help from those around you.

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